Whats included with the DIY Consent Order?

  • Step by step guide to drafting your Consent Order
  • Consent Order Manual (helpful guide to drafting your Consent Order)
  • Pension inquiry forms (to obtain your CETV pension value)
  • The statement of information for a consent order
  • A letter to court covering the enclosures and where to take payment
  • The Consent Order
  • Application for Consent Order
  • Form A for dismissal purposes
  • Pension sharing annex if appropriate
  • Notes on breaching the Consent Order

A useful guide is provided as part of the Consent Order Form pack to take you through every step to complete your Consent Order.

You want to get the Consent Order correct first time!


Because, when your file goes into the Judge’s chambers it takes about 4 to 6 weeks before he will get to it in his pile. So getting refused because the Judge has a question about your agreement  is what you want to avoid.

How does our system make all this possible?

We will provide you with a step by step instruction which explains all the clauses within the order.

To help in getting any pensions valued you will receive the pension inquiry forms

You will receive the court standard template for you to personalise to your individual circumstances.


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