Good afternoon,

I would just like to say thank you,  my consent order finally arrived from Coventry family court today.

It took a lot of going backwards and forwards with my exwife, and an initial refusal and request for more information by the court, but it has now been stamped (well it was actually stamped 25/09/2018).

Once again thankyou,  your paper work and instructions were straight forward and easy to understand

kind regards


Thank you Consent Orders. I was told you couldn’t do your own consent. But we did with your help. Our order was approved last week.

I will definitely be recommending your service.
Mark from Sheffield


I found the step by step guide really easy to understand and follow. We had our order back stamped last week. Good service.
Charlotte from Guildford


Whenever my husband talked about a clean break I assumed it was one piece of paper. It’s not, but the templates and guideline step instruction are very well written and even I understood them. Well worth the 99 quid.
Eva from London


5 ⭐ highly recommend.
Chris from Newport


Was apprehensive when my husband purchased this. To be honest we thought we might be wasting £99 but the template and instructions are so good. You should definitely use this company.
Christine from Kingston


Dear Consent Orders.

Thank you. My solicitor quoted me £750 plus VAT for what I achieved from you for £99. Thanks.
Brian  from Cardiff


I would recommend this template. It works. Order approved by the court first time. 👍
Bhavini from Harrow


Fast service. I paid and seconds later my downloads were here. I didn’t even have to sign up to newsletters. Bonus!
Paula from Taunton


Money well spent.
Tina from Farnborough


It just goes to show how times are changing. My first divorce costs my thousands with both having solicitors.   But we got married again. now divorcing again, but we did the divorce online and used this template for our settlement. Don’t look any further. I would recommend this company.
Mike from Bury St Edmunds


If you have a bit of savey then save yourself money. Use this.
Robin from Richmond


We didn’t have any assets but we had future inheritance we wanted to protect. We got exactly what we wanted for £99. Don’t hesitate. Use these people.
Andrea from Weston-Super-Mare


A really cost effective way to finalise your divorce.
Graham from Plymouth


This services is very simple and everything was easily laid out for us to fill in.
Rob from Greenham


Good tools for doing your own order. Would recommend.
Carla from Newport


Good service. Good Price. Good tools. Cheers.
Alana from London


Don’t hesitate, you can’t go wrong.
Bailee from Twickenham


Would recommend and will use if there is a next time.
David from Islington


I weren’t sure if I was wasting me money. But it were good template. Cheers.
Mohammed from Bethnal Green


5 ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ easy to understand. Very thorough

Thomas from Stenning


Glad I found this website. Wife’s solicitor quoted £2500

Well worth £99.00.
Gareth from Godalming


Thank you. You saved us £ thousands.
Eleanor from Liverpool 


Good service. Quick, cheap, good information.
Sandie from West Bromwich


I never knew you could this without a solicitor. The forms were quite easy when you read the instructions step by step.
Ruth from Kendal


My husband and I had agreed our settlement. We had nothing to hide from each other. We wanted a clean break. We knew if we went to solicitors they would over charge us. I found this site quite by chance and glad I did. I didn’t put a review to start because I wanted to see if the court approved our order. I’m glad to say it did. Thanks.
Bettie from Littlehampton


Papers downloaded on Monday, we filed at Bury st Edmunds court on Friday. 26 days later we received our order with a court stamp. We are very happy. Mr and Soon to be Ex
Mrs Bonner from Ely


Good way to do your settlement if you don’t want a lawyer
Edward from Wolverhampton 


Thanks very much ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5/5
Shirley from Bury


Make your life easy and do your own clean break if you don’t have much asset
Adam from Haslingden


Thank you. I found the instructions easy to understand. Will recommend you if my family or friends get divorced.
Rob from Ipswich


Wasn’t sure, but glad I did. I recommend these forms if you have simple assets like us.
Carla from Norwich


Paid the money and everything was there from step 1 to the end. Thanks.
Elsbeth from Ross on Wye


✅ ✅ ✅ Great Service.
Owen from Poplar


We used another service first who did it for us. It got returned from the court 4 times. Then we found this website. Order approved first time. Highly recommend.
Joanne from Usk


Have no hesitation in recommending.
Carl from Lambeth


The template was bigger than I had imagined but I guess it has to cater for lots of scenarios. But once we got our head on it and deleted what we didn’t need, it was easy. I recommend.
Ryan from Aberystwyth 


I took advantage of a free 30 minute consultation with a solicitor before I signed it. He said it was good and explained some of the points. Which the guide had already explained. But it gave us confidence we had done it right. Thanks.
Bryn from Pontypool


If you’re like me and got some savy then buy this and save yourself a blummin fortune. Easy step by step.
Don from Epping Forest


Best value £99. I recommend.
Stephen from Walton on Thames


Easy to understand. This isn’t a waste of money. Don’t hesitate. Buy these forms and guide if you want to do it yourself and get the court to stamp it.
Vivienne from Taunton


I thought it was one piece of paper that went to court. I got that wrong. Glad I bought this. Helped us each step. Got pensions valued and he’s giving me 20% of his pension. I strongly recommend this company.
Linda from Farnborough


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️for cost, speed, simplicity, understanding and thoroughness. Thank you.
Daniel from Streatham


We received good advice in the Pack and good instructions. Our order was stamped by the court. I’m glad I used this service and highly recommend.
Stef from Ash Common


There were a lot of standard paragraphs on the template but once we deleted what we didn’t need we had just 3 pages. The financial form was all completed with ease following the instructions. I recommend.
Pete from Maidstone

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