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Buying the “DIY Consent Order Pack” means you will receive ALL the relevant forms to draft your Consent Order and file it at court.

We recommend you seek independent legal advice if you have complicated finances. These may include many properties. It may be you have businesses. The majority of people do not have complicated finances and can thus use this service.

Please note, the completion of the forms will take several hours work. However, you will save you in excess of £700 against a Consent Order drafted by a solicitor.

Included in your purchase is:-

  • Information on gathering asset values
  • Pension inquiry forms
  • Step by step instructions
  • Handy guide to help you understand the terminology
  • Financial statement in support of the consent order
  • The consent order template
  • A letter to court accompanying the consent order
  • Application to the court
  • Form A
  • Pension sharing annex
  • Information about your risks if you breach the consent order


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