Not having a consent order? Are you really sure?

Not having a consent order?
Are you really sure?

If you fail to get a consent order as part of your divorce, your ex can make a financial claim upon you years after the divorce has been finalised?

If you benefit from a lottery win or more likely an inheritance, do you want to share it with your ex-partner?

More than likely, the answer is No.  If you dont trust your ex-partner to spend all their share of the assets and then come back to you pleading poverty, then a consent order will give you that legal protection to prevent this from happening.

A consent order is a legally binding court order which sets out your agreement about your assets. You get it before you finalise your divorce and depending on the level of your assets, it will not cost a lot. If your case is suitable, you can have a ‘clean break’ consent order. This means you have no financial ties with each other in the future, i.e. there are no maintenance payments.

So how do you stop this from happening?

Get a consent-order, it is as simple as that.  The cost will be negligable in comparison to any costs you may incur you ex may claim from you.

If you use our consent order package before finalising your divorce, it will cost just £99, but could save you thousands of pounds in the future. It ensures that your ex can never change their mind about the agreement and come back for more. We have had many queries from people who have lost money because they divorced with a consent order.

There was a case where a husband gave the family home to his ex because he wanted the divorce to be completed quickly. They did not get the divorce settlement approved by the court. Two years later he remarried and had young children with his new wife. All was well and he was happy, until he received a letter from his ex’s solicitor, asking for a large lump sum. A lengthy court battle ensued and he nearly lost his home due to the cost of the proceedings. A consent order would have set out the divorce settlement in clear terms, i.e. that the wife gets the matrimonial home and no other claims are to be made by either party.  This would have prevented his ex from ever making a claim upon him and he would never have heard from her.

I trust my Ex and we don’t have many assets

There are many excuses people make for not getting a consent order. What they don’t account for is that people and circumstances change. Don’t make excuses, take action and protect your financial future. Drafting a consent order doesn’t take long and it is worth investing £99 in your peace of mind. Having a consent order means you can move on with your life, without worrying about what may happen in the future.

If you have few assets then our DIY consent order is the perfect way to ensure you are protected in the future.


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