Consent Order Mediation

Often when couple decide to divorce amicably, they are both in agreement that their financial affairs should be split fairly between both parties. However, when it comes down to the detail of splitting assets, differences of opinions often form. Neither party are willing to roll-over and accept the others demands.

This is where our Consent Order Mediation service can help divorcing couples. We can help couples by providing a mediation service to target the financial division of assets. Often it takes an independent third party to offer suggestions to the outcome. Divorcing parties are very often unwilling to hear the demands of their soon-to-be Ex. Whether this is because confrontation is difficult, or sometimes, one party can just be, shall we say “awkward”.

Achieving a fair split of assets is essential in a Consent Order. A judge will not accept a consent order that they consider to be “unfair”.

If a couple are unable to come to an acceptable agreement to the division of assets, then a consent order cannot be drafted for them. They will need to present their finances to court. This will involve a solicitor, and a barristor for each party to battle out an agreement in court. The cost of two sets of legal representation can quickly mount up to something huge. You may wonder who gains most, you or the legal profession!

If you are close to coming to an agreement, then going to court should be avoided, Some mediation will be a simple cost-effective solution to finalising an agreement. If you are miles apart in an agreement, then one or both parties will need to move and not stick their heels in. Again mediation can be helpful, to get both parties to see reason, and get them closer to forming an agreement.

Consent Orders Online offer mdiation services at the following rates:

One 1/2 hour mediation session – £90
Five 1/2 hour mediation sessions – £400 (a saving of £50).

Mediation services can be conducted at our office in Basingstoke, or via a Zoom meeting or Microsoft Teams meeting.

To find out more about mediation services, please contact us on 01256 630156.

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